Facial scrub and hair removal device - flawless dermaplane glo

Facial scrub and hair removal device - flawless dermaplane glo

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Product Description

Flawless Dermaplane Glo

Excess hair and black heads are more needs that are affected by the beauty of the face, and many of us always care about their skin, but the issue will be expensive and need time and effort, your face is exposed to many needs in your day of dust and sweat, which allows the formation of fats on your skin, which leads to the appearance of black Russians, whose shape affects the beauty of your face Of course, this is in addition to the dark and light facial hair that you need to do with waxing frequently or other methods of hair removal that lead to facial infections and take a tremendous effort from you

And because of this, this wonderful invention that will be an exfoliator and remover for facial hair at the same time and make you rich for all of this (Flawless Dermaplane Glo) for peeling and removing facial hair,

The ingenious invention that most women use, because it is easier and faster to remove hair and at the same time it will be a genius solution to get rid of black heads on the face, the device is an exfoliator for the face without vibration that is used by passing the tool on the area to be peeled or removing hair with it, you will feel the magic result in Seconds without pain and effort, and in a second you will get rid of hair and all black heads, and your skin will return to its natural color.

The Flawless device is designed like professional hair removal devices, which will be the first choice for cosmetologists who recommend ways to take care of the skin, which is because it is one of the few tools that does not have any negative effect on the skin that does not cause irritation or infections and on the contrary it has the effect of the derma-bin The therapeutic device known to relieve The fat accumulated on it and the smoothness that you will obtain after that for your skin, you will make it bright and give your skin smooth and smooth, and the beauty of makeup will highlight more on it because it will land on pure skin.

You don’t need to go to a hairdresser or waste your time in harmful ways. You will not get it done with you because in seconds you will remove it from your bag anywhere and you will get rid of all this excess hair in a jiffy, and the great advantage of the device is that it is equipped with a LED light that focuses on the area in which you remove the hair In order to be able to see well for young hair that cannot be blurred by sunlight and strong lighting, it means you will eliminate long dark hair and baby hair that is light, which is not clear except in strong lights.

Flawless scrub is suitable:

1 - To straighten eyebrow hair and control its width and density.

2 - Removing and peeling hair in the area around the mouth and chin.

3 - Peeling and removing hair in the neck area

4 - Removing hair in the forehead area, peeling it off, and obtaining a smooth forehead

5 - Completely remove small hair in the facial area.

Package content:

1 - Flawless device for peeling and removing facial hair .

2 - 6 razor blades .

3 - Cover for the device .

4 - A catalog to explain the method of use .

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