Foldable Clothes 2 in 1 Hanger Rack and Hanger Stand

Foldable Clothes 2 in 1 Hanger Rack and Hanger Stand

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 Foldable Clothes 2 in 1 Hanger Rack and Hanger Stand

Sometimes we need a practical tool on which we spread the clothes without taking any place or crowds, and the balcony is used for what happens with a slight in the air

Keep yourself safe because you have to add a foldable clothes hanger ... the easiest solution for a clothes hanger that you will be able to hang everywhere

The foldable clothes hanger you will be able to use as a towel and it is foldable and easy to store because it does not scratch the space because you hang it from both sides, and it has a regular hanger on it and on the one hand you will show when you untie it and pull the cords with it and you can use it in both cases, whether it is a check pad in your bathroom or a diffuser in the balcony or bathroom without You don't have to go out for the air and expose your clothing to dirt and fluctuations in the weather, as well as its look made of strong plastic that is resistant to protection, rust and breakage.

The advantage is that it is not just a towel rack, as well as a strong holder because it is equipped with side hangers so that you can hang shirts and ironed clothes on it, and you can attach it to the hanger very normal in order to keep it flat without a scarf, meaning the rack shelves you will be able to use a clothes dryer and towel rack. You can also use it as a home, like a very regular wheel, so you will save yourself from the crowd of large wheels, in addition to the fact that you can take the holder with you anywhere because it is very easy to transport and store, and within minutes you will be able to carry it in any case a mobile ready for use with all its capabilities.

2 in 1 foldable clothes hanger hanger holder and hanger Made with high quality materials, this is because it does not take up space at all and closes and opens easily to fit anywhere, made of the finest hard plastic or strong cords that will amaze you from the thickness of each rope that will give you large amounts of damage With ease, it will go with you a great distance between 3 to 4 meters in order to save yourself

The method of installing the foldable clothes hanger is easy, or you will be installed in any two nails on one side and the second letter is tightened on the other side. The ropes come out in the plastic boxes at the end of each holder, thus you will be a contoured saw with you comfortably.

The foldable clothes dryer is available at a fantastic price from

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