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Facial scrub and hair removal device - flawless dermaplane glo

120.00 جـنيه

Flawless Dermaplane GloExcess hair and black heads are more needs that are affected by the beauty of the face, and many of us always care about their skin, but the issue will be expensive and need time and effort, your face is exposed to many needs in your day of dust and sweat, which allows the formation of fats on your skin, which leads to ..


Professional facial steamer OSENJIE

360.00 جـنيه

Professional facial steamer OSENJIEDevice features:1. Professional Facial Steamer:Make your day refreshed and youthful with OSENJIE Facial Sauna.2.2 Spray cap:To meet your needs, strengthen absorption, lighten spots and tighten pores.3. A large amount of fog:Rejuvenates skin with half the effort. Using imported ionolysis technology, the water mol..

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