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Facial scrub and hair removal device - flawless dermaplane glo

120.00 جـنيه

Flawless Dermaplane GloExcess hair and black heads are more needs that are affected by the beauty of the face, and many of us always care about their skin, but the issue will be expensive and need time and effort, your face is exposed to many needs in your day of dust and sweat, which allows the formation of fats on your skin, which leads to ..


Knife sharpener works manually and with the electricity 1X2

180.00 جـنيه

The knife sharpener is electrically or manually operated, light in weight and in body, and easy to operate. It can sharpen shears, knives, and sharp tools...


Cleaning basins, bathrooms and sinks by injection

25.00 جـنيه

Cleaning basins, bathrooms and sinks by injectionIt will help you to clean the basin, the base of the bathroom, and the sinks easily, without your hands dropping, as well as flexible and the hand is long to reach the most difficult placesYou will be able to pass through the sink, bathroom and sinks without using your hands, has a hand that will ex..


Magic sticky lint remover roll Sticky Buddy and gift piece

80.00 جـنيه

Magic sticky lint remover roll Sticky Buddy and gift pieceLint, hair and small pieces remain a big problem that we meet in cleaning, which is very cumbersome as you hardly clean!But from today, you have to forget it ...Introducing the amazing remove lint roll, Sticky Buddy with which you will remove all the lint, pet hair, little fatties..


Foldable Clothes 2 in 1 Hanger Rack and Hanger Stand

185.00 جـنيه

 Foldable Clothes 2 in 1 Hanger Rack and Hanger StandSometimes we need a practical tool on which we spread the clothes without taking any place or crowds, and the balcony is used for what happens with a slight in the airKeep yourself safe because you have to add a foldable clothes hanger ... the easiest solution for a clothes hanger that you w..

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